Yurt Financing: Is It Available at Groovy Yurts?

looking up in a mongolian yurt

We are often asked if we offer yurt financing here at Groovy Yurts.

The response is:


In these simple two letters lay a bitter-sweet experience of about 17 years and possibly thousands more when it comes to yurts.

Once Upon A Time, We Offered Yurt Financing, But…

mongolian yurt in wintertime Under some circumstances, we used to offer yurt payment plans upon request, especially when someone was planning on living in their yurt.

In the beginning, we did not even charge interest even after the yurt was already delivered!

But we had to face it: we are not in the yurt finance business, we are in the business of selling authentic Mongolian gers (yurts) and helping people gain access to these amazing dwellings, while earning our own keep.

The people who make the gers in Mongolia count on us. There is no way that we could purchase those hand-crafted structures asking to pay “later.” Simply put, the yurt craftspeople count on us – and, in turn, we count on them.

Often, people whom we financed ended up paying for their yurt, although sometimes not until years later and after many reminders.

Or, after having to track them down because they moved, we would have to show up at their workplace on the other side of the country. One gentleman decided not to pay because he expected the entire economy to collapse by December. A few others had the best intentions in the world, but somehow their situation had completely changed, and they could not longer carry through.

These do not bring particularly warm feelings. And that’s sad, because yurts are all about happiness and warmth!

We Know Things Can Happen

looking up in a mongolian yurt Of course, we do understand that things happen to the best of us.

Nick, the father of a young child, with whom we signed a yurt installment contract on a piece of cardboard along the side of the road while delivering his yurt, had his entire world collapse a few weeks later.

Years after, his situation got better, and we received a cheque out of the blue for his balance owing on the yurt. I am forever thankful to Nick. I hold hope that the others will somehow do the same or are passing the favour on to their neighbour.

Yurts for Barter: Love It in Theory, But It Doesn’t Work for Us

We are also often asked to barter. Someone will offer goods or services in exchange for a yurt or Mongolian ger.

mongolian yurts in gobi desert

Generally, we love the notion or the theoretical concept of barter.

However, there’s only so much fresh produce we can use at once, we do not really need another old school bus or a motorbike or a 15-year-old Volkswagen, and it is not always easy to accept payment for a yurt in the form of labour when you’re on the other side of the country.

We certainly believe that the world has gone crazy and that the love of bank notes has gone wild, but so far these currency transactions are the easiest way (that we’ve found) to carry on our yurt business and ensure that part of the sale gets to the people who made those yurts in the first place.

Third Party Financing for Yurts

We have added a link to a third-party financing option on our website for Canadian customers. This isn’t a partnership, nor is it a de facto recommendation, but we have heard favourable things about this financing option and figured we’d pass it along as a courtesy to yurt enthusiasts who are looking for financing for their ger.

Beyond this, we have decided not to do any further financing or payment plans.

This will help us maintain reasonable prices for anyone who wants an authentic and quality Mongolian yurt/ger.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you warmly to all our fabulous customers over the years. We truly appreciate you.