Why Yurts & Yoga Belong Together

yurt interior full of yoga students

Why do people buy a yurt for practicing yoga?

Is it because of the energy, symbolism, and round shape?

Or, perhaps, because of the ‘womb protection’ feeling?

Maybe because it is a way to create a separate, quiet space in the backyard, that can be transformed into extra space for kids or guests?

Or is it simply just that yoga in a yurt is easy to implement?

Yurts & Yoga: A Supreme Combination

yurt interior for yoga

We’ve definitely heard all those reasons and we’re certain there are many more draws that we haven’t heard.

Generally, those wishing to practice yoga in a yurt opt for a standard diameter yurt, which is 4 to 6 walls (16 to 22-foot diameter).

For reference, the author of these blogs, Yves, is 6’5’’ (195cm) and has no problem practicing in a 5-wall or even a 4-wall yurt.  The smaller yurts are quite low along the walls, so one might find themselves having to stand closer to the centre where it’s higher.

yurt interior for yoga

If a customer wishes to create a yoga studio in a yurt, they might be happiest with a Super Ger, as it has  raised walls and a steeper roof pitch. This is a 26’ or 30’ (8 or 9 metre) yurt.

We’ve had up to 20 people practicing yoga in a 26’ yurt and many more would fit for a meditation.


yurt interior for yoga