Tips for Nomadic Travelling with A Groovy Yurt

a mobile yurt on wheels

With all the present-day conveniences and technology, you’d think that nomadic travellers nowadays do things differently than their ancient predecessors.

Surprisingly, modern nomadic travellers continue following the original nomadic principles, having no set destination and centering their lives around the places they visit. A few modifications are required to fit into the times, but other than that the main concept remains the same.

Mongolian yurts are known for their versatility and durability, having been used for centuries by nomads and even used by Ghengis Khan to command armies that later gave rise to the Mongolian empire.

Setting up or taking down a yurt can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, allowing travellers to move easily from one place to another.

Despite all the modern methods of travel, nomadic travelling with a yurt continues to be a favourite among many.

Take Advantage of the Roundness

Not only is the round shape of the Mongolian yurt symbolic, but it’s responsible for making the structure flexible and durable.

fully finished and painted hand carved yurt

The round design of the yurt allows the building to withstand harsh climates, making travelling much more effortless by removing the concern of the weather. Harsh winds are deflected easily, preventing any damage from befalling the yurt and its inhabitants.

Without straight walls to tuck things away in and store furniture against, you’ll be forced to design the yurt in a much more organized and efficient manner.

Anything that is not necessary will have no space in the yurt. This way, you’ll avoid bringing any unnecessary clutter and bring only the items you absolutely need.

Clean Regularly

Although this may seem obvious, it’s important to clean your yurt regularly, especially if you move from one place to another frequently.

an inside look of a groovy yurtHaving a clean yurt will help you feel calmer and more productive, and keeping all your belongings organized and in the right place will make packing up and moving much easier.

You’ll have no trouble finding a certain item and the chance of forgetting something behind when travelling is significantly decreased.

Use Multipurpose Items

In addition to only bringing the necessary items, consider bringing along objects that have several purposes.

Items such as a dining table that can double as a desk will save a lot of precious space and make the yurt feel less cramped and more organized. Try finding objects that have storage in them, which will help keep small items safe and out of sight.

Embark on Your Journey With A Groovy Yurt

Nomadic travelling is great for people who want to explore the world and crave a sense of freedom and adventure. What better way to tour the globe than with a Mongolian yurt?

The most important tip to nomadic travelling with a yurt is to simply relax and enjoy the adventure. Getting caught up with unnecessary details will take away from the beautiful experience of living and travelling in a yurt.

Downsizing and constantly moving may be overwhelming at first, but with the endless possibilities of where you can go, any concerns and doubts will seem greatly insignificant.

At Groovy Yurts, we’ll provide you with the perfect yurt for your travels, equipped with all the necessary additions and amenities you may need.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the different yurts we offer and get one step closer to starting your journey.