The Sky Is the Limit with Our Rental Yurts

yurt interior set up for party

GroovyYurts not only sells authentic Mongolian yurts, we also rent them out.

A few options are offered…

Yurt Rentals for a Variety of Events, Functions & Purposes 

yurt rental for outdoor eventWhether it be for a wedding, corporate event, movie set, artist lodge, music festival, party, extra sleeping space, trade show, cigar lounge, Christmas market…the list could go on forever… a Mongolian yurt can be the answer to your most creative dreams.

A yurt’s acoustics, round shape, and natural materials give it a unique feeling of being immediately transported elsewhere.

Yurts Are Easy & Carry a Small Footprint

yurt village

An authentic yurt does not require anchoring and will leave no footprint once taken down.

Therefore, yurt installation is simple… you can install a yurt on your front lawn or inside a trade show.

Additionally, we provide the option of a rental yurt platform if you’re expecting heavy rains or wish to install on a snowy or muddy terrain.

We generally carry yurts from a 12’ to 30’ diameter for rental and can cater everything from your single romantic yurt event to an entire yurt village (and everything in between).

A memorable yurt rental occasion was held recently, with upwards of 80 people standing in a 22’ yurt with a wood stove going and a small bar. People were cozy without the feeling of being overcrowded. We also reflect fondly on installing 12 luxury yurts for a one-night event in Bolivia.

The Sky Truly Is the limit!

music event in rented yurtWhen considering a rental as an option, budget will likely be a decisive factor, as a yurt is both heavier and requires more set-up than a simple tent or marquee; but the result is always stunning.

In most cases, the rental yurts will come directly out of our stock in Alexandria, Ontario. So, distance can also influence pricing.

Other options for rentals include Mongolian furniture, bean bags, lighting, stoves, and different types of platforms.

Additionally, local authorities might ask for a second yurt door or fire-retardant treatments, which we can provide.

We almost always have yurts in stock, but it is best to book in advance as renting yurts is becoming more and more popular, particularly around the Christmas season.

Yurt Experiences

yurt rental in ottawaMany of our customers rent their yurts out on Airbnb or own entire yurt camps.

Check some of them out on our Yurt experience page.

We can also warmly recommend our own (tut-tut!) yurt at the Groovy farm, where you can also see various yurt options and meet one of us for more information on the unique dwellings. Check out our Airbnb at:

Long-Term Yurt Rentals

Long-term yurt rentals are also a nice option, albeit one that can be quite pricey.

Because of this, we also offer our ‘seasonal rentals’ that you can rent for 4-6 months at 40% or 50% off the listed price (*full price will apply on delivery, set-up assistance and a couple other items). Upon rental expiry, you can send the yurt back OR purchase it for the balance (*some conditions may apply depending on location and usage type).

Contact us today and tell us about your dream project!

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