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“Super Ger” – 20′ Yurt


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The best of both worlds with its higher walls and steeper roof pitch, the super ger offers most qualities of an authentic Mongolian ger, with the proportion of her modern cousin. It has roughly the same diameter as the 5-wall. Its bigger volume makes it a little less efficient in a very cold climate… but you can always buy a second layer of felt!

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Product Description



Base color of wood work, door, dome, roof rafters and central posts with traditional paintings on top

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Dark-blue
  • Other colors contact us +$100
  • Natural wood varnished with or without patterns (+7%)

House wrap

Layer of breathing house wrap between felts and canvas, recommended in humid areas

  • Standard: No house wrap
  • Complete layer of pre-cut house wrap + 350$

Additional felt insulation layer

  • Standard: 1 complete felt layer included
  • Extra felt layer on roof (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$950
  • Extra felt layer complete (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt) (+$1,900)

Inside curtains

Wall hangings in one main color with simple Mongolian patterns in different color around perimeter

  • Standard: No curtains
  • White +$450
  • Red +$450
  • Dark blue +$450
  • More colors (call us) +$450

Extra door

Main door is at 6 o’clock

  • Extra door at 9 o’clock (+750$)
  • Extra door at 10 o’clock (+750$)
  • Extra door at 12 o’clock (+750$)
  • Extra door at 2 o’clock (+750$)
  • Extra door at 3 o’clock (+750$)

Special toono finish (dome finish)

  • Standard: Basic windows with clear vinly and chimney opening on front half of toono
  • Clear vinyl urgh : Top flap in clear pvc +$195
  • Clear vinyl urgh : Top flap in clear pvc with stove pipe opening +$295
  • 1/2 Toono finish : Lexan (high quality plexiglas) on front half of toono +$1,000
  • 1/1 Toono finish : Lexan (high quality plexiglas) on complete toono, 4 windows open/ close +$1,760
  • Click here to watch a video to learn more



  • Standard: No platform
  • Insulated SIP pannel platform, 2” foam insulation, easy tongue and grove installation and transport, sub-structure not included +$3,520
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform bottom side with Thompson Waterseal: +$220 per side
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform top side with higher quality water based varnish: +$420 per side
  • Click here to watch a video to learn more

Product Description


Number of Walls 4, each supporting 15 roof rafters + 6 on the door

Height At Wall 170 cm, 5’6″

Door (Height x Width x Depth) 170 cm x 150 cm x 5″, 5’6″ x 5’ x 5”

Toono Diameter 180 cm, 6’

Central Height 270 cm, 9’

Dimensions can vary a few inches for each hand made yurt – please check with us exact dimensions before building your platform or exact fittings.

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