Groovy Yurts March Update

mongolian painter hand painting the yurt toono

A little bit of Groovy news for those who are waiting for their new dwelling or considering acquiring one:


The first bit of  good news is that the families of our supplier, and Mongolians in general, are doing well. Mongolia reacted extremely quickly and appropriately by closing their borders in January and forbade most travels within the country, including during the beloved celebration of TsgaanSar (the Mongolian New Year). In the countryside, they are used to living in isolated gers (yurts) and sustaining themselves, and therefore distancing measures have not come as a major disruption to their typical lifestyle.

In Canada, we have now gone remote and work mostly from home. We are still capable of shipping and are taking measures to do so safely. We are preparing for our delivery tour in the late spring but are looking at more affordable ways to ship yurts for anyone with more pressing needs or desires. If picking up your yurt is an option, we can make that happen safely as well!

The demand for yurts has seen slight growth this year, as people look to transition into more affordable, remote and sustainable ways of living. Recently, we were offered new ways of payments and barter and would love to take a couple sheep in exchange for a yurt. We believe that in the future, the world may need to reconsider the way it does business. For the moment, we are still only using standard currencies to secure yurt orders, purchases, and to guarantee their production in Mongolia. In the event we are unable to deliver, our restocking fees will be waived for all orders and full refunds issued.

Additionally, we are doing everything in our power to make sure all yurt parts and options are available to order, but should we fall short, we will deliver or ship at a later date. We are already thankful for your understanding and will do our very best to fulfill all demand.

Do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

In the meantime, stay safe and may you be happy!

The Groovy Team