Customer Experience: Daniel at the Rainbow Ridge Ranch

yurt from groovy yurts with a campfire nearby

Part 2, the second installment of Mikayla’s Cross-Canada Road Trip & Yurt Customer Journey.


rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: Our tour guide, Daniel, showing us the way through his property.

As we drove up, we were immediately greeted at the entrance by the owner of Rainbow Ridge Ranch B&B, Daniel, in his ATV.

That was the first indicator of the great customer service you can expect at his establishment.

Daniel happily guided us to our yurt and offered a fun ATV tour around the large property, located in Grunthal, MB. As we zipped around, he told us about his fascinating life, the history of the grounds and his grand visions for the immediate future.

Our Yurt B&B Host: A True Renaissance Man

yurt from groovy yurts

Photo: Dan covering the toono on his newly built yurt during our summer delivery tour.

It should be known that among other things, Daniel is an ice road trucker, pig & bison farmer, log furniture carpenter, pilot, hunter, pastor, entrepreneur, missionary, and now, campground owner.

It’s safe to say that there’s nothing Dan can’t do and therefore he is the perfect person to run this type of place.

yurt from groovy yurts

Photo: Daniel, the jack of all trades, standing with his yurt during our visit.

Daniel currently uses the grounds to host Christian youth camps, in both the summer and winter, and offers the space to anyone in need of escaping city life.

Guests have the option of staying in the B&B building, one of the finished log cabins, a yurt, or on any of the cleared camping spots.

With so much flat farmland throughout Manitoba, it is pretty incredible that Daniel offers the only campground in the region amongst lush greenery, rolling hills, and riverside views.

Over Two Decades at This Location

rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: The yurt overlooks the hill with a wooden gazebo built by Daniel. This is the most gorgeous spot to be in the morning!

Daniel has been living and developing his property for 20+ years.

Each year, he plans a trip in the fall to Mongolia and the Congo; inevitably, the trips this year had to be cancelled due to COVID.

Nonetheless, his love of yurts and Mongolian culture prompted him to purchase an authentic Mongolian Groovy Yurt, and the sitting vacation time allowed him to put more resources into setting up the property as a functioning campground.

rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: Beautiful pond that fills what was once a gravel pit. Natural restoration at its finest!

With some help from family, Daniel has already cleared and hooked up 10 fully serviced camp sites, begun building 2 additional log cabins and a glamping cabana, and plans to convert an older building into a multi-functional area for guests.

The building will include accessible bathrooms, a wash area, and a small store with camping necessities.

To top it all off, he has received some funding from the municipality to restore the land designated as a gravel pit, back into a thriving pond ecosystem. He has already done a wonderful job with this project, and it has resulted in a beautiful afternoon view from his hilltop gazebo!

A Great Yurt Stay

rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: One of the new cabins being built for future customers looking to stay in grander camping accommodations.

The yurt stay itself was very cozy and relaxing.

It’s located in a private clearing amongst the trees with a small fire pit to the right of the yurt (at a close, but safe distance), and an outhouse to the left.

The inside was completely outfitted with authentic Mongolian furniture that included a bed, vanity, and dresser.

All necessities were covered with a jug of filtered water, lanterns, a small Coleman grill, utensils, cups and plates.

We went to bed feeling taken care of and slept soundly through the night.

A Yurt Experience We’ll Never Forget

rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: This building is being turned into a multi-functional area with a wash station, small store, and bathrooms.

The highlight of our stay was definitely sitting around the fire amongst fall leaves and enjoying the peaceful nature sounds, all with a glowing, fire lit Mongolian yurt as our backdrop.

Thank you, Daniel, for the experience, we hope to be back soon.


rainbow ridge bed breakfast

Photo: The newest addition to the property is this ‘glamping’ cabana; the structure is still in progress.

yurt from groovy yurts

Photo: The inside of the yurt, complete with a bed, grill, wash station and vanity! Completely outfitted with Mongolian furniture.

fire and yurt from groovy yurts

Photo: Fireside views of the yurt and campsite.