Creating Unique Experiences with a Groovy Yurt

beautiful yurt with sun shining on the horizon

Yurts have evolved from being the main source of housing for the Mongolian people centuries ago to become a means of entertainment.

What nomads once called their home can now be used to create anything from unique urban getaways and experiences to commercial spaces.

As the population grows, housing and offices have become hard to come by, especially with the skyrocketing prices of new builds. Mongolian yurts offer a more efficient, sustainable, and affordable build that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Although traveling and camping with a yurt remains to be the most popular use of the structure, recent years have shown how creative yurt lovers have moved away from its traditional uses and have come up with new ways to use the space.

Mongolian Yurts as Restaurant Patios

yurt dining experiencePeople are constantly looking for new and unique dining experiences, whether it was enjoying a meal hundreds of feet in the air or in an eccentric yurt-turned restaurant.

The demand for fun and creative alternatives to regular restaurant dining experiences amid the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to yurt dining, which had been growing in popularity in recent years.

The size, shape, and accessibility of the yurt provide the perfect elements for a food stand or restaurant.

By using the outdoor space around the structure and turning it into a patio, the restaurant can be in service virtually all year long.

Yurts for Yoga & Fitness Studios

Fitness instructors have joined the trend of using yurts for non-conventional use, turning the traditional housing into their own fitness studios.

The round design of the yurt makes it easy for group classes to see and follow the instructor. All the natural light coming through the windows and skylight creates a calming environment that makes people more comfortable when working out.

In addition to the exercise classes, you can add more yurts to your property and turn them into spa facilities. Steam rooms, massage centers, and indoor hot tubs can be enjoyed by guests after their workout, adding to the already unique experience.

Yurts for Offices & Classrooms

yurt circular roof designAlthough yurts are likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of classrooms and office spaces, the circular design and natural light encourages concentration and creativity.

The calming environment created makes yurts a great place for meeting with clients and serving customers. People who dislike the drab office features will find having a yurt for an office much more appealing and relaxing.

Ski resorts and zip-line adventure businesses often have something to teach their customers, whether it’s a safety course or training session.

A yurt offers the perfect space to host a workshop, allowing the clients to form connections with one another and bond over their shared special experiences.

Explore Your Creativity With Groovy Yurts

There are endless possibilities as to what you can use a Mongolian yurt for.

Whether you’re looking to open a fitness studio or joining the yurt dining trend, Groovy Yurts has you covered. Choose between a wide variety of yurts or customize your own to fit your very own vision.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the variety of yurts we have and get one step closer to bringing your ideas to life.