Common Uses For Yurts in North America

Yurt at night with time-lapse of stars

Sain baina uu!

Touring North America, the most common question our yurting crew will get is : ‘’ What do people use the yurts for?’’. It’s an interesting question because of all of the possibilities! I’ve also been quite surprised over the years to see the ingenuity and creativity of certain people towards this goal that totally fit with the Mongolian mindset! There are the very large yurts (30+ feet), they will commonly be used for big events whereas the smaller yurts will be used for more of the day to day activities.

Many yurts are erected for renting or airbnb’ing, and yurts have proven they could fulfill this requirement with ease. In the same way, people needing an extra room to the house have been able to use yurts to give the in-laws or the frustrated teens some space of their own. Offering a space for a bed and a few amenities has been proven thousands of times over throughout north America. It brings the question, can the yurt be even more?

What is one of the most encouraging trends happening is that increasingly, people are getting yurts to live in. This is promising because it shows that people are starting to use the yurts as they are meant to be used, the Mongolian word for yurt, ‘’Ger’’, means home. It is heart warming to see people adapt to this way of thinking, challenging them to see what it is they really want in their home being less space-wasteful than a traditional home. And what these folks are doing simultaneously is proving that this dwelling truly is a 4 season efficient way of life.