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Winter Yurt Tips

One question we’re often asked is, “Do yurts hold up well in the wintertime?” Our answer is always a resounding, “Yes!”

Blog #4 – Beige’s yurt Experience

Are you interested by off grid living?? In this case Amazing Alternative’s video of Beige’s yurt experience is a must see. She really pushed the limit of off grid living and this is an honest report of real life in a Mongolian yurt in the harsh climate of Ontario.  Check out Beiges video below, she […]

Blog #3 – Can anyone live in a Mongolian Ger

Can Anyone live in a Mongolian Ger; Yessss!!! … and No… Yes, because the yurt can be adapted to almost any need and wish. Comfort is a very personal thing. For some, just having a roof and an insulated shelter is enough. For others, taking a warm shower, having a TV room, a gym, a […]

Blog #2 – Common uses of yurts in North America

Sain baina uu! Touring North America, the most common question our yurting crew will get is : ‘’ What do people use the yurts for?’’. It’s an interesting question because of all of the possibilities! I’ve also been quite surprised over the years to see the ingenuity and creativity of certain people towards this goal that totally […]