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“7-Wall” – 26′ Yurt


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Used as home or a bistro it is a more permanent yurt, the 7- wall is still efficient with 2 layers of felt when living in cold climate. Beautiful proportions if you need the extra space. 7- walls and larger yurts take a lot more to set-up and move around. The dome itself is 8’ diameter and supported by 4 central poles (bagaans). Its higher walls will allow 15 people to practice yoga with standing positions.

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Product Description



Base color of wood work, door, dome, roof rafters and central posts with traditional paintings on top

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Dark-blue
  • Other colors contact us +$100
  • Natural wood varnished with or without patterns (+7%)

House wrap

Layer of breathing house wrap between felts and canvas, recommended in humid areas

  • Standard: No house wrap
  • Complete layer of pre-cut house wrap + 550$

Additional felt insulation layer

  • Standard: 1 complete felt layer included
  • Extra felt layer on roof (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$1,750
  • Extra felt layer complete (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt) (+$3,500)

Inside curtains

Wall hangings in one main color with simple Mongolian patterns in different color around perimeter

  • Standard: No curtains
  • White +$750
  • Red +$750
  • Dark blue +$750
  • More colors (call us) +$750

Extra door

Main door is at 6 o’clock

  • Extra door at 9 o’clock (+850$)
  • Extra door at 10 o’clock (+850$)
  • Extra door at 12 o’clock (+850$)
  • Extra door at 2 o’clock (+850$)
  • Extra door at 3 o’clock (+850$)

Special toono finish (dome finish)

  • Standard: Basic windows with clear vinly and chimney opening on front half of toono
  • Clear vinyl urgh : Top flap in clear pvc +$370
  • Clear vinyl urgh : Top flap in clear pvc with stove pipe opening +$470
  • 1/2 Toono finish : Lexan (high quality plexiglas) on front half of toono +$1,500
  • 1/1 Toono finish : Lexan (high quality plexiglas) on complete toono, 4 windows open/ close +$2,400
  • Click here to watch a video to learn more



  • Standard: No platform
  • Insulated SIP pannel platform, 2” foam insulation, easy tongue and grove installation and transport, sub-structure not included +$5,800
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform bottom side with Thompson Waterseal: +$420 per side
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform top side with two layers of higher quality water based varnish: +$800 per side
  • Click here to watch a video to learn more

Product Description


Number of Walls 7, each supporting 15 roof rafters + 8 on the door

Height At Wall 175 cm, 5’6″

Door (Height x Width x Depth) 175 cm x 150 cm x 5″, 6’ x 5’ x 5”

Toono Diameter 215 cm, 7’

Central Height 280 cm, 9’

Dimensions can vary a few inches for each hand made yurt – please check with us exact dimensions before building your platform or exact fittings.

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