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7-Wall – 26′ Diameter Traditional Yurt


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Commonly used as home or a bistro, the “7-Wall” – 26′ Yurt is a more permanent yurt option. It offers incredible efficiency with heating and insulation despite its large size – the 2 layers of felt work wonders for those living in colder climates. The 7-Wall Yurt provides a very spacious interior for those who need the extra space. Keep in mind that it does take more time and effort to set it up and move it around.

The dome itself is 6′ 10″ diameter and supported by 4 central poles (bagaans). Its higher walls will allow 15 people to practice yoga with standing positions. Whether you choose to open a restaurant, run a fitness studio, or use it as a second home, the “7-Wall” – 26′ Yurt is fully customizable to adhere to your unique needs.

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Product Description



Base color of wood work, door, dome, roof rafters and central posts with traditional paintings on top

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Dark-blue

House Wrap

This pre-cut layer of breathing membrane is placed between the felt insulation and canvas. It is made of a high-quality permeable roof underlay and a sheet of standard house wrap for the walls. It offers optimal weather resistance, while still allowing the yurt to breathe.

  • Complete layer of pre-cut house wrap with Mento 1000 ‘Exclusive’: +$1,320

Felt Insulation Layer

  • Standard: 1 complete felt layer included
  • Extra felt layer on roof (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$2,795
  • Extra felt layer complete (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$4,660

Door (Additional)

  • Standard: 1 door included
  • Extra door: +$1,320

Special Toono Finish (Dome Finish)

  • Standard: Basic windows with clear vinyl and chimney opening on front half of toono | Watch Video
  • Clear vinyl urgh (Top flap in clear PVC): +$500 |  Watch Video
  • Clear vinyl urgh (Top flap in clear PVC with stove pipe opening): +$635
  • 1/2 Toono finish (Acrylic – high quality Plexiglas – on front half of toono): +$1,650 | Watch Video
  • 1/1 Toono finish (Acrylic – high quality Plexiglas – on complete toono, 2 windows open/close): +$2,640 | Watch Video


  • Set-up assistance: +$850 | Watch Video
  • Note: Only available under certain conditions. Customer must provide 2 helpers. Platform must be ready.
  • With platform setup: +$400


  • Standard: No platform
  • Insulated SIP panel platform (2” foam insulation, easy tongue and grove installation and transport, sub-structure not included): +$8,800
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform bottom side (with Thompson Waterseal): +$515 per side
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform top side (with two layers of higher quality water based varnish): +$970 per side
  • Watch Video

Product Description


Number of Walls 6, each supporting 15 roof rafters + 6 on the door

Height At Wall 170 cm, 5’7″

Door (Height x Width x Depth) 165 cm x 147 cm x 10cm, 5’7″ x 4’10” x 4”

Toono Diameter 209 cm, 6’10″

Central Height 290.5 cm, 9’6″

Dimensions can vary a few inches for each hand made yurt – please check with us exact dimensions before building your platform or exact fittings.

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