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5-Wall – 20′ Diameter Traditional Yurt


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The 5-wall 20′ yurt is the most traditional size that offers perfect proportions for livable surface and efficiency. High walls and an open floor plan allows for a variety of unique layouts. The 5-wall yurt offers lots of room for a bedroom, a kitchen, and a space for entertaining. It comes with a variety of colour combinations, different levels of insulation, and other interior finishes that can be customized.

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Product Description



Base color of wood work, door, dome, roof rafters and central posts with traditional paintings on top

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Dark-blue

House wrap

This pre-cut layer of breathing membrane is placed between the felt insulation and canvas. It is made of a high-quality permeable roof underlay and a sheet of standard house wrap for the walls. It offers optimal weather resistance, while still allowing the yurt to breathe.

  • Complete layer of pre-cut house wrap with Mento 1000 ‘Exclusive’: +$810

Felt Insulation Layer (Additional)

  • Standard: 1 complete felt layer included
  • Extra felt layer on roof (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$1,360
  • Extra felt layer complete (incl. 30% discount when purchased with new yurt): +$2,265

Door (Additional)

  • Standard: 1 door is included
  • Extra door: +$790

Special Toono Finish (Dome Finish)

  • Standard (Basic windows with clear vinyl and chimney opening on front half of toono) | Watch Video
  • Clear vinyl urgh (Top flap in clear PVC): +$265 | Watch Video
  • Clear vinyl urgh (Top flap in clear PVC with stove pipe opening): +$395
  • 1/2 Toono finish (Acrylic – high quality Plexiglas – on front half of toono): +$990 | Watch Video
  • 1/1 Toono finish (Acrylic – high quality Plexiglas – on complete toono, 2 windows open/close): +$1,650 | Watch Video


  • Set-up assistance: +$750 | Watch Video
  • Note: Set-up assistance is only available under certain conditions. Customer must provide 2 helpers. Platform must be ready.
  • With platform setup: +$350


  • Standard: No platform
  • Insulated SIP pannel platform, 2” foam insulation, easy tongue and grove installation and transport, sub-structure not included: +$5,390
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform Bottom Side: +$270
  • Weather treatment for SIP platform Top Side: +$515
  • Watch Video

Product Description


Number of Walls 5, each supporting 15 roof rafters + 6 on the door

Height At Wall 155 cm, 5’1″

Door (Height x Width x Depth) 155 cm , 130 cm x 10cm, 5’1″ x 4’3″ x 4”

Toono Diameter 150 cm, 4’11″

Central Height 230 cm, 7’7″

Dimensions can vary a few inches for each hand made yurt – please check with us exact dimensions before building your platform or exact fittings.

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